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What is Redevelopment?

Redevelopment is the process of demolishing existing old society building and reconstructing it by appointing a good developer who can construct and handover new flats to the society members free of cost with some additional benefits and make profit by utilizing balance plot potential by constructing additional flats and shops as per approval from concerned authority.

We consider HUMAN has life of 100 years, the same way building has life of 50 years, and after 25 years building needs more and more repairing as new plaster, new pipelines for water, waste & drainage systems, water proofing in terrace etc.

The need for redevelopment, In Ahmedabad

There is huge potential for redevelopment, in Ahmedabad, due to the constraints on land availability with the mismatch between demand and supply of housing stock. On the other hand, there are thousands of ageing buildings where it may not be viable to carry out structural repairs The only solution is to pull them down and reconstruct them. The problem of dilapidated buildings in the city of Ahmedabad is becoming more acute, with each passing year. Consequently, for a majority of the cities in India,redevelopment of old buildings becomes crucial.